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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Graduation, The Mid North Coast and New England - Day 1, 8th April 2014.

We were invited by Amie to attend her graduation from Southern Cross University, Coffs Harbour, when she will receive her Bachelor of Psychological Science (BPsychSc) Degree. To make the most of this we decided to turn the opportunity into a minor holiday. We plan to spend the first night in Gloucester then 2 nights at North Haven, then onto Anne, Barry's and Amie's for a few days for the graduation and then onto the New England area for a night coming home via Walcha and Gloucester.
Lunch was at the historic village of Stroud (population approximately 670), it was then onto Gloucester Tops for a quick look-around. The last time we were here the road to the top was closed so we were hoping it wouldn't be the same this time. Luck was on our side and the road was open so I was able to have a quick look into the Beech Tree Walk area at the top. Up here the temperature was only 13 degrees C (55F), it can snow up here, whereas it was 24 degrees C (75F) down at the bottom.
 We stayed the night at the Bucketts Way Motel, Gloucester. 

Caterpillar of the Plain Tiger or Lesser Wanderer Butterfly  (Danaus chrysippus).
This fellow was also having morning tea at the Twelve Mile Creek rest area, near Raymond Terrace.

Central Hotel at Stroud, built in 1913.

The old Stroud Court House. Building commenced in 1860.

One of the older houses of the town.

Stroud Post Office, circa 1880

Stroud House, built of convict bricks and lime cement between 1828 and 1832.
One of the early tenants was Philip Gidley King (Supt. of Flocks) who was the grandson of Governor King.

Fancy entrance to the Bowen Chambers, 1933, Stroud.

A Highland cattle calf enjoys a scratch.

Mum and kids enjoy the pickings along the side of the road to Gloucester Tops.

Doesn't matter where it goes, this old truck will have some shade.

Morning tea at the Gloucester Tops picnic/camping area.

Old stock-holding yard at Gloucester Tops picnic/camping area.

The 5 photos below were taken at the start of the Beech Tree Walk.

A mossy Antarctic Beech (Nothofagus moorei) tree trunk at Gloucester Tops.

Fungi growing on the trunk on the above Beech tree.

Fungi amongst the moss.

I thought these were rather cute.

Something a little bigger.

Lynn resting her feet.

Couldn't see them?

( not a good photo of ) A Lyrebird making a dash across the road.

This pair of Red-neck Wallabies stand quietly in the afternoon sun.

One of the 5 wet causeway crossings of the Gloucester River to get to the Tops.

Green, green, green.

I had forgotten what this much green looked like.

A man, his horse and dog off to work.

A pink sunset from the motel.

Day 1, home to Gloucester via Gloucester Tops.

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