Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Four Nights on Kangaroo Island South Australia. Day One - 29th April.

The planned trip is to fly to Adelaide, hop into a hire car and head off for one night in Victor Harbor before catching the car ferry to Kangaroo Island. Then four night on the Island before returning to Adelaide for one night before flying back home.

Stopped 'Zorro' the i30 at Willunga Hill Lookout to see where we were and to check the owner's manual.

Had lunch at Goolwa Bakery.

There are a lot of stone buildings in Goolwa. Didn't have enough time to photograph  them though.

A monument to the wooden boats, Goolwa.

The Goolwa Barrage.
Consruction completed in 1940, 7 km's from (Murray) river mouth.

Windy on the fresh-water side of  the Goolwa Barrage and still on the salt-water side.

Australian Pelicans waiting for a feed...........

...........and so were all these cormorants and shags.

Fur Seals having a play at the barrage. 

Fur Seals on the Goolwa Barrage.

'On Occupied Territory', at Victor Harbor.
 A sculptor by Margaret Worth. The 2002 flag pole sculptures were part of the 200th anniversary of Flinders meeting Baudin. It represents the meeting of ‘three worlds and three cultures’ – British, French and Aboriginal – all entwined through wind and water.

I think it was cruel to keep a whale in a small pool like this.
Victor Harbor.

Horsedrawn Tram at Victor Harbor.

The 600m (1,969 ft) wooden causeway to Granite Island, Victor Harbor.

Staying on the 'safe' side

'Granite Island  -  Kaiki'.
We didn't see any penguins............

..........but we did see some Pacific Gulls.

The tram crossing the causeway.

The tram crossing the causeway.

The 600m (1,969 ft) wooden causeway to Granite Island.

Don't recall this track being here on our last visit.

We saw a few of these Brown Quail.

Looking across to Petrel Cove from Granite Island.

You must have a red rectangular surfboard, jump into the water with long pants on and have a window under the door of your tent.

We saw this couple a lot doing the trip.

You can tell the water must be cold by the way he's squinting his eyes.

'Caution  -  Beware of Waves'

The end of the walk around the Island.

'Penguin Interpretive Centre'
You could go into this building and somebody would tell you what the penguins were saying.

Staying on the right track.

Turning for home.

The long walk back.

Still time to find some scraps,

The end of day one, Victor Harbor.

Adelaide to Victor Harbor.

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