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Monday, April 14, 2014

Graduation, The Mid North Coast and New England - Days 6 - 7, 13-14th April 2014.

Sunday Lynn went into Coffs Harbour to check out the shops while Barry and I went for a walk in the Sherwood Nature Reserve to Woolgoolga Creek Falls.
We left on Monday for the 2 day trip home, planing to spend a night at Armidale. Not being a lover of highways we went via Nana Glen, Coramba, Brooklana and Megan to Dorrigo then joining the main road, the Waterfall Way, to Armidale. Along the Waterfall Way we stopped at Ebor Falls, Wollomombi Gorge and the historic mining town of Hillgrove arriving at the motel just on dark (great timing I thought).

Day 6.
Barry at Woolgoolga Creek Falls, Sherwood Nature Reserve.

Woolgoolga Creek Falls. On most of my visits here there has been no water falling just a damp rock-face.

Barry's new toy.

A good memory to keep.

A colourful fungi in the garden.

Day 7.

This morning the fungi had opened.

A little damp and misty at the Sealy Lookout.

Sealy Lookout, overlooking Coffs Harbour (not that you could see much).

Sealy Lookout, overlooking Coffs Harbour.
Yes, I did go to the end.

A tree, half wet, half dry.

A pretty cool and fun-guy.

A touch of paint and new curtains........potential.

Not sure, but I think it's a male tree.

Ulong, The Village in the Valley. 

The mostly cleared countryside is still green and just 3 minutes further along the road...........

............this is how it use to be, rain-forest. It's a pity they don't keep all the pockets linked together.

Bird-nest ferns, elk ferns, tree ferns and orchids.

Bird-nest ferns and elk ferns.

I was glad to see these ferns had not been taken, being so close to the road.

And a bit further on, the Jack Feeney Memorial Tallowood (Eucalyptus microcorys).
Height to 1st branch: 28m  (92 feet).   Height:  60m  (187 feet).
Approximate log volume:  88 cubic metres  /  37,294 super feet.

Jack Feeney Memorial Tallowood (Eucalyptus microcorys).
That's my black cap a little way up the trunk.

Looking back from the big tree.

Old plank holes in tree stump from earlier timber-cutters. 

Dangar Falls at Dorrigo.

The "Lava Tree' at the Dorrigo sewerage works.

Misty at the Rainforest Centre lookout.

A good view of the clouds.

Steam train graveyard, Dorrigo.

Steam train graveyard, Dorrigo.

A small peek at the sun, the weather could be getting better.

The top falls at Ebor Falls.

The top falls at Ebor Falls.

Bottom falls at Ebor Falls (top falls van be seen in the background).

Bottom falls at Ebor Falls

The view downstream, Ebor Falls.

I thinks it's getting greener.

A split in the road.

3 chimneys and 2 donkeys.
On the side-track to Wollomombi Gorge.

2 donkeys and 3 chimneys.

Sleeping bacon.
The track went through private property.

Wollomombi Gorge.

A Green-hood Orchid.  I thought Green-hoods only flowered in spring.

Wollomombi Gorge.

Wallaroos at Hillgrove.

Seen better days, Hillgrove.

Seen better days, Hillgrove.

Seen better days, Hillgrove.

What could be better at the end of the day, Hillgrove.

Coffs Harbour to Armidale.

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