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Four Nights on Kangaroo Island South Australia. Day Six - 4th May.

This is to be our last day on Kangaroo Island.
After our big breakfast we went for a short bush-walk around the resorts perimeter, this was really the only time we had a chance to see the local vegetation 'up close'. It was then a quick visit to the parks visitor center to report the feral cat incident, they were most pleased.
It was then up to the Playford Highway and back to the ferry at Penneshaw via Stokes Bay. After the ferry it was straight up to our hotel for one night in Adelaide before our flight home.

A couple of the plants we saw on the walk around the resort.
 Grass Tree, known locally as Yacca.

Kangaroo Island Silver Bush 

Eucalyptus flower.

Our room at the resort.

More natural than the 'rainforest' at our other accommodation.

This feral cat met it's maker last night when it 'met' with the wheel of 'zorro' coming back from Admirals Arch.

'Zorro' resting along side some dry grazing land near Stokes Bay.

Kangaroos on the hillside beside the car.

Watching us, watching it.

It was dry country coming into Stokes Bay.

Stokes Bay

A sea-grass wall at Stokes Bay

We saw a sign that said 'beach this way' so off we went.

After this section it was duck you head (see return trip further down).

The path opens up to the beach.

Stokes Bay Beach.

Stokes Bay Beach.

Getting a better vantage point.

This is the only surfing beach on the north coast of the island.
Stokes Bay Beach.

Clear water at Stokes Bay Beach.

Now, how do we get back to the car?

"Open sesame"

The pathway back to the car.

An interesting way to get back from the beach.

The landscape at Stokes Bay reminded us of the landscape around Mudgee in NSW.

A good example of the local Grass Tree, or Yacca.

Had to get a photo of a South Australian concrete and steel telegraph pole.

Aussie scene.
I saw this scene when driving the other way a couple of days ago and said I would get a photo when we were coming back. It had all the right elements, shed, wind mill, water and dead tree, the sheep were a bonus this time.  The trouble was that the sun wasn't out and I couldn't get the angle I wanted because there was tree in the way. So in the end I just had to settle for the next shot.

Not what I was after, but it will have to do.
(photo enhanced)

Penneshaw from the road .

The museum at Penneshaw.

The ferry wharf at Penneshaw.

And our ferry back to the mainland.

I couldn't recall seeing any Mosques on the island.

The eastern side of Penneshaw.

The ferry loaded up and ready to go. Zorro was tucked in behind the semi.

Goodbye KI, thanks for the good experience.

Wind turbines at Cape Jervis.

Wind turbines at Cape Jervis.

Last one off and completing the circle.

Paragliders dodging the blades.

Let's go back again.

Zorro is not quite as clean as it was at the start.

Wasn't the TV at the hotel in Adelaide clever, it knew Lynn's name, I don't know who Wi is though.

The view over Rundle Street from our room . 

There was even an art show in the ally.

Art show in the ally.

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