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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Looking After Charlie - Day 15. St Joseph's Orphanage and Feeding the Pelicans at Woy Woy. Thursday 22nd August.

Took up Bridie Murphy's invitation to visit the old St Joseph's Orphanage and Boys Home at Kincumber. Bridie works as a volunteer at the Education Centre Museum where she helps in researching and putting together a historical display depicting the history and artefacts of the St Joseph’s Home for Boys. St Joseph's Orphanage opened in 1887 and was run by the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart, it ceased running as an orphanage in 1966. This year the museum was the winner of Gosford City Council’s inaugural Gosford City Heritage Awards for Excellence in Interpretation Projects.
After a visit to Bunnings, and a late lunch ,we went to the feeding of the Pelicans at Woy Woy. A visit then to Kmart (well it was just there) and then home.

Bridie pointing out the old dormitories.
The museum is situated in the old building on the right.
Inside one of the 3 rooms of the museum.
This would've made a happy party even happier.
Labyrinth in the grounds.
Old drain cover....I rang, but nobody answered.
The only one of the old village cottages left.
The original landing place where the old ferries, skippered by nuns, would
drop of their visitors and supplies.
Holy Cross Catholic Church, built in 1843, was the first church built in the
 Brisbane Water District. Holy Cross is one of the oldest Catholic churches in
 Australia and has been in continuous use for over 160 years.

A pelican enjoying the high life at Davistown.
This place looked familiar, but there was nobody home. 
Pelican feeding at Woy Woy.
This fishing lure was caught in one of the pelicans.

This one had a special hair-cut for the occasion plus some others who
came for lunch.
This one was called 04 for short.
Pelican with a double chin.
Waiting for spare spot.
All the girls were to the left...........
.........and all the boys were to the right.
One pelican had trouble swallowing a Flathead head. 

Pretty face, but watch out for the hook on the end of the beak.
One of the birds gave the feeder a nasty cut on the her hand while we were there.
A male mallard. Nice colours but they should not be here.

Just loved this part of the day.

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