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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Looking After Charlie - Day 17. Bouddi Coastal Walk. Sunday 26th August.

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was cold with cardigans, today it was sun with shorts.
It was a walk along the beach and, for Charlie, the highlight of the time we have been here, he got a wash.
After the beach walk we (not Charlie) went for a walk along part of the Boudii Coastal Walk. Another weeding session saw out the rest of the day


Oh good, there's hardly anybody here.
You don't smell like Rocket.
High on weed.

Surf and smoke.      Bouddi on fire.

Silica reflections.
It only hurts 'cause it's doing you good.

Crossing Putty Beach to the boardwalk.
Bouddi Coastal Walk.
Bouddi Coastal Walk
Tessellated Pavement.
Bullima Beach.
Looking south from Umina beach to Bangalley Head (far left).
Cooling off in the shaded section.
Maitland Beach from Gerrin Point Lookout.
Kayak sail past from Gerrin Point Lookout.
Brush Turkey nesting mound.
Just enjoying his/her lunch.
Coastal Rosemary.
On our way back.
On our way back.
Patterns in the weathered sandstone.
Some of the colours seen on the walk.

Solving the world's problems.
After a hard afternoon's weeding.

Because of the time difference, we were able to fly to western Australia for an overnight camp. These are some photos of the hills behind our camp-site.

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