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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Looking After Charlie - Day 8. Lunch at Palm Beach with John & Lorraine. Thursday 15th August.

Ferry trip with Lorraine and John from Ettalong to Palm Beach for lunch at Club Palm Beach (RSL).
A 1+ metre swell and 50km winds made for an interesting trip.

"If you have given this to me to eat that must mean you are going out
and leaving me by myself"
'Illoura' Ettalong Beach Resort.
Does this get pulled along by sea-horses?
Lion Island at the mouth of the Hawkesbury River.

West Head Lookout.
Usually it's the other way around, or, is the big one pushing?
Houses at Mackerel Beach.
Too windy for full sails.
Disembarking at Palm Beach.
"Take me to your leader".
If you have enough money you can build your own flying saucer.
Full tummies and waiting for the ferry home.
This will give us a better ride home and more comfort than...........
......they had in the old days.
A lot of money here, houses at Palm Beach.
Barrenjoey Lighthouse. Built in 1881 and stands 91m above sea level.
Houses at Wagstaff.
Storm/wave damage to waterfront houses at Ettalong.
I used to paddle on these wooden paddle boats at The Entrance about
60 years ago. This one was hanging in a coffee shop in Ettalong.
(I found the black & white photo on the net).

Surfboard riders on bigger than normal waves at Umina Beach.
"I've had an exhausting day".
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