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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Looking After Charlie - Day 9. Mount Penang Gardens (Flora Friday) & Late Beach Walk. Friday 16th August.

As it is a Friday then all things flora kick in, and Flora Friday in Oz takes precedence. As we were still on the coast and these gardens were only 15 minutes away this seemed the place to visit. I also went to Katandra Reserve but, being mainly rain forest, there wasn't much in the way of flowers.
In the afternoon we took Charlie to Umina Beach for his daily walk.

More plants can be seen here at Flora Friday in Oz.

Garden reflection.
King Protea.
Dusky Moorehen
Cow's Horn Euphorbia.
Cranky Succulent.
(cross, cactus)
Medusa's Head.
A collection of shapes.
Mountain Devil.
Native & exotic.
Qld Bottle Tree.
Afternoon at Umina.

The black dog and the boxer share the same owner. Note how
the black dog 'rounds up' the boxer, must have some sheep-dog
in him. He also had a go at Charlie who, he felt, was 'annoying' him.

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