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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Looking After Charlie - Day 2. Flowers, and we meet Declan. Friday 9th August.

Today the sun came out, not like yesterdays rain and icy winds.
This is the second day of our 3 week sojourn to the Central Coast to look after Charlie, the 3rd member of the Andrew and Zane family.
 In the morning I went up to the Waratah Walk section of Brisbane Waters National Park (on the road to Patonga) for a quick 1.5 hour 'Flora Friday' outing.  All it needed was a couple of hundred metres to be covered and I had more than enough material to keep me happy, spring had arrived on the central coast. We were invited for lunch to Bridie and John's home at Bensville to meet with Sarah and her new son Declan. Lynn thought that Declan looked just like John but had Rob's hair colour. It was good to catch up again.

Looking After Charlie: This series works from OLDEST to NEWEST.

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Click on photo to enlarge.
Conospermum longifolium  -  Long-leaf Coneseed.
I like how this flower is put together.
Comesperma volubile  -  Love Creeper.
Nice blue.
These Boronias would look great in the garden.
The Scaly Phebalium put on a good show.
Cheerful Philotheca.
Very sharp leaves make this Spike Wattle hard to handle.
The flattened stems of this Bossiaea make it look more
like a succulent.
Looking like fairies dresses is a Black-eyed Susan.

Sarah and Declan...........
.......and Nana.

With Grandpa.
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