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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Looking After Charlie - Day 5. Walk on the Beach and Mt Penang Gardens. Monday 12 August.

Now that the week-end crowds had gone and we have had a bit of time with Charlie, including a couple of walks around the block, we decided it was time to try our luck at the beach for a morning romp. With a pocket full of doggy treats it was time to undo the lead and let him have his freedom with all the other canines on the beach. An hour and a half later we still had him with us, thank goodness, and it was time to go home while luck was still on our side.
After lunch we went to the Mt Penang Gardens at Kariong. It was just as we got into the car that, that wind came up. As it turned out, we had the whole garden to ourselves as we were the only people there.
So far, so good.

Go fetch.

They were nearly in step.
Charlie meets Charlie.
They didn't have much to say to each other.
Mt Penang Gardens.
Bottle Trees.


Pacific Heron.
Euphorbia  -   The Medusa's Head.
The weather started to get worse.
Lynn was starting to get beside herself, so we took shelter in the café and
 had a coffee.
The old buildings of the Boys Home are now part of a business park.
The old buildings of the Boys Home are now part of a business park.
We had one tree down while we were there.
Went to the Ettalong Lookout but the bay was sheltered from the wind.
The Ettalong / Palm Beach ferry pushed on through the windy seas.
Storm damaged at Umina.
Touch my ball and I'll bite your arm off.
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