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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Looking After Charlie - Day 16. Visitors From Mudgee for Lunch. Friday 24th August.

Friends, Irwyn and Rosemary from Mudgee, paid a visit today for lunch. The weather was not at it's best, overcast skies, no sun and a strong cool breeze made our little walk along the Tony Doyle to the Warrah Lookout not the most pleasant of outings.
The Waratahs were nearly out, enough to gives us something to admire. The park ranger we met while there gave us a bit of an insight into the amount of flower theft that takes place when the Waratahs are in full spring bloom. Even after spraying the plants blue, they were still stolen.
There was a lot of plants in flower, including a Glossodia sp. orchid. 

Irwyn at Warrah Lookout.

Irwyn and Rosemary at Warrah Lookout.
Was a little breezy.
Little Leucopogon sp.
Toothed Phebalium  -  Leionema dentatum. 
Boronia sp.
Native Iris  -  Patersonia sp. 
Botany lesson with park ranger.
More lessons.
"Just making sure that lady over there doesn't take any flowers."
Waratah traveling at speed,
Coastal Rosemary.
(photos of flowers taken on Saturday when the sun came out).
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