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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Looking After Charlie - Day 14. Scarborough (af)Fair. Lunch at Scarborough Hotel. Wednesday 21st August.

We travel with Lorraine and John by train from the central coast to the south coast ( in relation to Sydney) village of Scarborough, for lunch at the Scarborough Hotel, built in 1886.

Crossing the Hawkesbury River.
Passing Sandbrook Inlet at Brooklyn.
Going to the central coast for lunch?
Stanwell Park Beach.
Coalcliff coal works.
The train leaves us at Scarborough.
Now where do we go?
Table with a view.
Looking north east. We saw what we thought could be whales way out.
Looking south to Port Kembla.
Passing entertainment.
Number 443.
With full bellies we waddle off back to the train station.
Station with a sea view.
Stanwell Tops and the Royal National Park.
It's rush, hurry, rush at central, only 57 seconds to catch our connecting train. 
People have gone to a lot of trouble to make the trip as colourful as possible.
The sun sets as we cross the Hawkesbury on the way home.
Two Brush Turkeys settle-in for the night across the road as we reach home.
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