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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Looking After Charlie - Day 12. Killcare to Copacabana. Monday 19th August.

A morning walk to the old swimming pool at Umina beach then a drive to Killcare, Bouddi National Park and Copacabana.

Off to the beach we go.

Do sand snails have any idea where they are going.

Old swimming pool.
Or is it Atlantis?
Colours in the stone.
The Rip Bridge from Killcare.
Lorraine and John's 2nd old place at Killcare.
Plover chicks.
Rip Bridge from Bouddi N. Park.
Looking south from Box Head towards Barrenjoey and the Hawkesbury River.
Leek Orchid.

Killcare Beach from Mary Byles Lookout.
Sydney from Mary Byles Lookout.
looking north from Captain Cook Lookout, Copacabana.

Looking for Lieutenant Cook.
Hello, do you come here often?
Allagai Bay, Copacabana.
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