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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Looking After Charlie - Day 21. A Quick Dash to Parramatta Town. Thursday 29th August.

Andrews and Zane's flight from LA was cancelled so they won't be home until Friday.
As the temperature will be a bit warmer over the next couple of days, and I had just remembered some newly potted plants that I wasn't sure of where they were at home, I thought I might dash home to check on them.
As I had my camera I took the opportunity to do the  ' tourist ' bit and have a squiss around Parramatta.

Lake Parramatta Reserve.
Parramatta Weir in Lake Parramatta Reserve.
Lake Parramatta.
There are some fine old houses in Parramatta.
Parramatta Gaol.
 Construction was started in 1835, occupied in 1841 and completed in 1856.

Part of the Parramatta Female Factory, first occupied in 1821.
Part of the Parramatta Female Factory. This piece of the inside of the
 external walls is, I think, the only remaining piece left.
The top angle of the stone was shaved off to stop the women from climbing
up and over the wall, as some women did.
I think this was a eating area for the inmates. The tree is just as old.
Grey –Headed Flying Fox Camp on the grounds.

Old causeway and newer bridge across the Parramatta River.
Kings School, Parramatta.
As it was around 1890.    (I didn't take this photo)
Lennox Bridge was constructed with convict labour over the period 1836 to 1839, making it one of the oldest bridges in Australia.
Riverside Theatre.
Part of the Parramatta River boardwalk.

All the following photos are in Parramatta park. 

Parramatta Park.
Pacific Black Duck and Hardhead (White-eye Duck)

Rumsey Rose Garden.
In 1818, this house as you see it now, was built around the original farm cottage
of George Salter who built his cottage between 1798 and 1806.
Old Government House is Australia's oldest publicly-owned building.
The original building collapsed and in 1799 Governor Hunter replaced it with
 the Georgian structure present today.
Tudor Gatehouse was built in 1885.
Originally there were 7 gatehouses in Parramatta Park.

Boer War Memorial.

Macquarie Street Gatehouse The gatehouse was built in 1887.

Parramatta has a Rugby League team called the 'Eels'.

Flowers seen today (from our garden).

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