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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Looking After Charlie - Day 19 & 20. Beach, Fishing and home Duties. Tues & Wednesday 27/28th August.

Charlie sitting duties are coming to a close and that puts us in wind-down mood for these last couple of days. Usual walks along the beach, an afternoon session of fishing, dinner at the golf club with Lorraine and John, cleaning and weeding.

"Why has this got to end"

Jumping for joy.
And just running on his front legs.

Fishing at Patonga. There was too much water mixed in with the fish.
Fishing under the bridges at Woy Woy.
Lynn takes her fishing seriously.
Caught something at last, a Darter. How do you cook one of these?
Lynn did actually catch that darter, and after a few minutes of it diving under
the water (I don't recommend catching them as they're not much of a fighter)
I was able to pull the line through its feathers and it just swam away uninjured.
The Spike Milligan cycle/foot bridge.
The train crisscrossing the bridge kept us entertained.
Charlie helping with the weeding. No, he isn't in the bucket.
He enjoys close contact. No, the knife isn't in his back.
Down the rabbit burrow.
He likes to lick your face and he isn't getting mine.
All tucked in and ready for his bedtime story.
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