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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Looking After Charlie - Day 18. Watagan Mountains. Monday 26th August.

Lynn said this was the worst day of the holidays.........(Translation :- Bill must have had a good day).
Today we did the Watagan Mountains drive, as per the book '4WD Treks Close to Sydney'.
I even got to use low-range on some of the more steeper bouncy bits.

At least they will be put to good use.
I hadn't had a loquat in years. I'm not dead yet so it must have been one.
Yarramalong Valley Scarecrows.
We were entertained along the Yarramalong Valley by these,
 and quite a few more, characters.

Yarramalong Valley Scarecrows.

Yarramalong Valley Scarecrows.

Yarramalong Valley Scarecrows.

Yarramalong Valley Scarecrows.
Spotted Quail-thrush.
The Basin Camping Area.

This Lace Monitor  (Goanna) escapes by climbing a tree.
I bet the dog is not wild about this.
Half way.
It's always hard to get the spelling right when you're
really concentrating on stamping every letter separately.
This Lace Monitor  (Goanna) was trying to get food scraps out of the bin.
I think the fence rails made good fire-wood.
The view over Lake Macquarie to the coast and up to Newcastle from Heaton Lookout.
Walk to Sydney and catch the ferry home to Parramatta.
Lush vegetation beside the road.
The scenery was easy on the eye.............
........but it's best to keep your eye on the road, or at least don't drive a Renault.

Some of the flowers from today.
A little dust on the car when you get home is a sign of a good drive.
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